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January 18th, 2007

(no subject)

Dont laugh

im going to a monster truck show on sat.
with my brother/sister-law, dylan, belinda, bonnie and hollie
family bonding time
with all the rednecks and white trash u could ever hope for!!

I have this really upset feeling in the pit of my stomach
Its hard to describe
it makes me sick

i dunno whats wrong with me =\

January 2nd, 2007

cya 2006

geez i feel really old
Im living out in ypsi for the summer
so i can go to class 24/7
so i finish early

great idea right?


i dont really wanna
i know living out in ypsi permenatly will make me sad
cause im really gonna miss everyone
and no matter how many times some ppl say they'll visit
they're just as busy as i am

so lets sum up 2006
more drama
met lots of good friends
lost some
became obsessed w/running
started college
joined sorority
new job
got another big sister court <3

umm theres lots more but thats the main things

December 25th, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Feliz Navidad mi amores!

Oh and on that note this month has had some good things
~I had to work the all american rejects concert
thus i got to meet motion city soundtrack
and all american rejects
and basically get paid to watch a concert
~I am finally able to run two miles w/out dying
~and i havent gotten all of my final grades but im at a 3.4 and thats including the one class i didnt do so well in so its all uphill from there
~and i get to see all the people i really really missed
this includes my lil kitty

December 17th, 2006

So thus far I have taken pretty much my top three finals history trig and algebra, on monday i gotta take my psych. final and then on tuesday i take my lit final and present my huge research project in my comp. class then im DONE!! Im stuck working today and monday and then i also got suckered into working the first week of january what a bust.

oh well at least ill be making mula.

i still need to go x-mas shopping cause turtle my lil tempo has been MIA.

it needs new brakes

no big deal who needs brakes right?

ok well hopefully ill be able to find all the x-mas presents i need before x-mas eeeeeeeekkk

December 9th, 2006

Sweet Tangerine

Ok its been awhile so update mabye?

dumbass asked me out online
thats ridiculous
I felt bad for saying no
but I just dont feel the same
theres a difference between being immature and its funny and being annoyingly immature

I feel like since the new year is coming up I should set things right
I dont want anyone to hate me
or at least for the wrong reasons
I feel badly for how Ive acted

I think I should tell some people whats up
I need to be more foward

Oh and just in time for finals I got strep throat....amazing right?
but thanks to some pills i feel much better

oh and in other BIG news I got a position on E-Board! I am the new Vice President of alumni relations within my sorority and usually first years arnt put on E-board but this one is =]

Sigma Kappa=Love

November 14th, 2006

(no subject)

I love my big brother with allll my heart
I dont know why this is happening to him
Im scared
Everything seemed ok
This hit hard

I wish I could go home

October 30th, 2006

Happy Halloween!!!!

Best Costum Idea:
me and my 6 other girlies are the sexy seven dwarfs
for example the girl playing Doc is dressing up as a nurse
dopey is a dumb blonde
and they made me happy the cheerleader

not really that outta character for me
i dunno im still pumped
yayyy for halloween!!!

October 25th, 2006

(no subject)

My family doesnt get it
they dont see me anymore
I miss them but they show no signs of missing me

so im the spoiled brat because i want to see them???

they forgot about me

well thats nothing new

does something upset you so much that you make yourself sick
the only way i kno how to deal with it is to cry

so yes im the spoiled brat
the baby
who cries

but i honestly dont care anymore

October 24th, 2006

(no subject)

Im drained
Worked all weekend
Went to a party
got trashed with my girl sarah
found out like all the guys i work with were there too
appearntly im a really good dancer when im drunk
good to kno

Played football for my sorority tonight
we lost
but they cheated
one girl smashed me to the ground
uhhh hello flag football no touching BITCH!
not to mention im frozen to the core

Oh and btw does anyone have any cleats they could let me borrow for my next football game????PUHHLEASE!!

October 12th, 2006


Im really sick
Like throw up
type of sick

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