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The Clock Ticks on By

The Clock Ticks on By

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Well here I go again, it's the same story just different characters. How insanely weird is it that I will be Miss Mabbott, the teacher? I always pictured myself as a teacher, but now that it's here it's intimidating. I'm working a new job at Lucky Strike. As always I am so nervous about messing up that I tend to do just that. Oh well I figured it out at my last job, and Im sure I will need to keep reminding myself that if I wasn't doing somewhat of a good job they would fire my ass.
I always thought the beginning of a relationship was the hardest part, but now Im coming to realize its the ending that takes the cake. I thought it would be harder to start then to stop. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when Im not away...I want to be away. I have to man up but this procrastination is making me sweat it out.
My nephew turns 8 today and my baby niece is going to a month old on the 28th. Strange how the world keeps on spinning, even if at some point you could have sworn it stopped.

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