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why hello there

why hello there

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Hmm wow hi livejournal
hahaha we meet again

well as it just so happens I did get executive vice president and I am supervisor at my work haha it says it on my nametag and everything
this whole 19 credit hour thing is still a pain in the ass......good god why do i do this to myself....

sorority buisness jus keeps piling up and up and up
I got spring fling queen which was soooo great! it was a charity ball so it felt nice to win at something that has a true purpose and meaning.

The docters say my grandma has about 6 weeks to live....I dunno what to think about this. shes convinced its her time to go, but how can you be ok with dying? guess its jus something you learn. Perhapes when youve done all that u wanted to do in life, or when your just plain tired. Hmm I dont think ill ever understand it.

I keep getting myself into these lil sticky situations grrrrr
once agian Im on this rollar coaster and im starting to get sick
and lets be frank I just want to get the F*CK off

hahaaaaa ooo boy
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