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here we go again
work 24/7 and classes from 8am-5pm
im cramming this spring and summer
24 credit hours
thus next year
im gonna be a junior

I screwed up my foot when i went running the other day
i should probably see a doc about that

umm living out here in ypsi makes me miss everyone so much more
esp. the ones i didnt get to see all year anyways

i should be in chicago right now with my roomies but instead im working and starting spring classes.......fo real i dont like this determined goal oriented life theres no room for fun anymore =[
  • =[
    i'm going to miss having you so close to home this summer, but i'll be visiting soon. i miss you.
  • ill be right next to him when he does
    you go girl! determined and goal oriented is great in college.. get yourself an amazing job and THEN have tons of fun!
    buuut.. if you ever get stressed this summer you know who to call and we can sing lachme!hehe

    miss you. love you.
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