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November 19th, 2010

The Clock Ticks on By

Well here I go again, it's the same story just different characters. How insanely weird is it that I will be Miss Mabbott, the teacher? I always pictured myself as a teacher, but now that it's here it's intimidating. I'm working a new job at Lucky Strike. As always I am so nervous about messing up that I tend to do just that. Oh well I figured it out at my last job, and Im sure I will need to keep reminding myself that if I wasn't doing somewhat of a good job they would fire my ass.
I always thought the beginning of a relationship was the hardest part, but now Im coming to realize its the ending that takes the cake. I thought it would be harder to start then to stop. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but when Im not away...I want to be away. I have to man up but this procrastination is making me sweat it out.
My nephew turns 8 today and my baby niece is going to a month old on the 28th. Strange how the world keeps on spinning, even if at some point you could have sworn it stopped.

September 21st, 2009

senior year has arrived

Its been incredibly long since I have been on this little journal. Its funny, I was reading through past entries and realized how much I really have grown. Things have changed drastically since the last time I was on here. I became president of my sorority, I lost best friends, made new ones. This week my brother is getting married again and Im a bridesmaid. Its a weird sort of domino effect that brings us all together. Even the worst events of my life have led to a good one.
Perhaps its all a waiting game of working hard and doing all the things you wanted to do. Me, well Im starting to see the bigger picture.
I know who I am inside and out. Its a real difference from even a year ago, but its life altering in ways I never dreamed. Asserting myself and being exactly who I want to be has made me realize what is truly important in this life.
Being 21 had the exact opposite effect everyone told me. I never go out anymore, Im a study in the library, work hard at work, fulfill my responsibilities to my sorority, and fill in the blanks with volunteer work kinda gal. Dont get me wrong I still have fun, but somehow I just cant escape this new found responsibility on my shoulders.

March 22nd, 2008

why hello there

Hmm wow hi livejournal
hahaha we meet again

well as it just so happens I did get executive vice president and I am supervisor at my work haha it says it on my nametag and everything
this whole 19 credit hour thing is still a pain in the ass......good god why do i do this to myself....

sorority buisness jus keeps piling up and up and up
I got spring fling queen which was soooo great! it was a charity ball so it felt nice to win at something that has a true purpose and meaning.

The docters say my grandma has about 6 weeks to live....I dunno what to think about this. shes convinced its her time to go, but how can you be ok with dying? guess its jus something you learn. Perhapes when youve done all that u wanted to do in life, or when your just plain tired. Hmm I dont think ill ever understand it.

I keep getting myself into these lil sticky situations grrrrr
once agian Im on this rollar coaster and im starting to get sick
and lets be frank I just want to get the F*CK off

hahaaaaa ooo boy

November 16th, 2007

What a way to enter November

The best news anyone could ever hope for, Miss Belinda Mabbott's cancer is nowhere to be found!!!!
For once in my life I can actually say miracles do happen....because one just did! Im sooo happy/relived.

Im running for Vice President of my sorority.........we shall see how that goes Im a little nervous.

I have a meeting with my bosses next week....Im pretty sure its about officially making me a supervisor......yikes!

I finished my 30 page research paper for my history class which is a huge relief.

I guess from here on out its just a waiting game......

September 12th, 2007

(no subject)

Its so hard to believe i wont ever see you again
i wish i could have said goodbye
but in all honesty im not so sure i would have been able to
you were my sister how could i have said goodbye?

im about to lose another sister and i dont kno what to do
the cancer has spread to her blood cells
what will i do without her?
what will lil dylan do without his mommie?

i cant lose another sister

August 6th, 2007

(no subject)

I miss her
she was my family
my sister
my friend

and now shes gone
my family is in ruins

i was mad at first
how could she leave us
how could she not kno how bad this would hurt everyone

but now i jus feel sadness
i will never be the same

May 3rd, 2007


here we go again
work 24/7 and classes from 8am-5pm
im cramming this spring and summer
24 credit hours
thus next year
im gonna be a junior

I screwed up my foot when i went running the other day
i should probably see a doc about that

umm living out here in ypsi makes me miss everyone so much more
esp. the ones i didnt get to see all year anyways

i should be in chicago right now with my roomies but instead im working and starting spring classes.......fo real i dont like this determined goal oriented life theres no room for fun anymore =[

March 8th, 2007

Im spent
mentor/NSOA interviews
planning like fifty events
handwriting 100 letters
work 24/7
and to top it off im getting sick =[


but above all of this i found out that i can be happy as long as the ends justify the means

so lets hope it all ends well

February 5th, 2007

no tengo ni idea

Hmmm your very hard to read
Maybe if i was more like her it would change everything
its weird that we are the way we are
why is it that nothing can come of this

there shouldnt be so much silence
why cant u say what ur eyes are telling me

January 25th, 2007

(no subject)

Im really glad Im at EMU
Id never thought Id say that but its tru
since i barely kno anyone here ive made sooo many new friends
they are amazing and we laugh for hours about the stupidest things
and all the RA's here party with us

I feel soo smart in my classes its remarkable how much knowledge i have retained

Im swamped with meetings for my sorority
whether their just leadership meetings or regular meetings
not to mention the huge to do list i have for my position

I might be going on SB with jablacklyn and brenden
im real excited

and best of all

Im obsessed with running
too bad my knees hate me for this
is running everyday bad?

im thinking i should stop at a mile
cause 2 miles is getting kinda crazy
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